The success of Pride Houston and its many large events is only made possible with the help of the many volunteers who donate their time. Every year presents new and exciting challenges as we set out to organize and promote the largest LGBT event in the Southwest.

Volunteering with Pride is a great way to meet new people and contribute to your community. Every event that Pride sponsors typically needs a range of volunteers to help manage the events. However,there are also other ways you can assist as a volunteer outside of specific event-related duties. If you are interested in assisting in other ways, please contact our Volunteer Committee.

Become a Volunteer

Being this fabulous is hard work. The success of the Houston LGBT Pride Celebration® is only made possible with the help of...

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Volunteer FAQ’s

How do I get started volunteering? The volunteering process begins with a simple application that tells us about your skills and areas...

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Volunteer Testimonials

THAI CAO "I personally volunteer for Pride Houston because not only am I proud to be open about my sexuality, but I...

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