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We know you all have questions, and we will have answers for you at our big announcement in May! Until then, stay tuned, sign up for our email to keep informed, and most of all, let’s stay safe so we can soon party safely!

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Venita “Kitty” Howard-Curtis
Our People

Venita “Kitty” Howard-Curtis

Eden Chair & Donations Chair

Venita “Kitty” Howard-Curtis

Venita Howard identifies as lesbian and has been volunteering with Pride Houston for over 11 years and wouldn’t change a thing.  Venita started volunteering to meet people after she moved back home from Atlanta. The first time she volunteered her feet were hurting so bad and she had a horrible sunburn.  Venita exclaimed she didn’t know black people could get sunburn. However, that didn’t stop her from coming back. Venita loves Pride and what it stands for. Every year in June she never makes any other plans because its Pride month which she enjoys to the fullest.  

During her work with Pride, Venita has met some good people that she now calls her family and she just loves them to death. She doesn’t know what she would do without them or at least seeing their face.  She has so many memorable times but 2018 was her most memorable Pride. Even though Pride Houston was short staffed at the time and they were working their butts off, it was the look on all the faces in the crowd enjoying themselves that made the hard work worth it.  To see President Lo looking beat but still holding her composure on that day made Venita extremely proud to be a part of the team. She still laughs remembering the team walking down the street and smiling to themselves with a sense of accomplishment. Seeing that look on someone’s face, Venita couldn’t help but be overcome with joy. Venita wants everyone to know SHE LOVES PRIDE HOUSTON!!!

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