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We know you all have questions, and we will have answers for you at our big announcement in May! Until then, stay tuned, sign up for our email to keep informed, and most of all, let’s stay safe so we can soon party safely!

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Jay Ferguson
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Jay Ferguson

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Jay Ferguson

Born and hidden in Chicago, IL, to being Free and full of Pride in Houston, TX, Jay was born on the West side of Chicago, the 3rd sibling of 6. Growing up in Chicago he was not able to be comfortable in his truth because of what the media or his peers would say. Being judged for the act of same gender loving (SGL) was like clockwork for his community. After being criticized for attempting to be himself, he decided to relocate to Texas where everything was said to be bigger. He moved to East Texas in 2001 with his family and quickly realized that hetero relationships weren’t for him. Therefore, he then moved to Dallas, Texas in 2007 to live his best life. After falling in love with the man he would eventually marry, Jay “U-Haul-ed” to Houston in 2012. He would marry the love of his life 5 years later. Jay joined Pride Houston to contribute to the community and give back to those who share the same story as his. He has one son in college who he loves dearly; even though raising a son can be nerve wracking at times. Nonetheless, his son is a bright kid who loves and supports both of his dads. 

Jay’s first pride experience wasn’t until 2008 in Dallas, Texas. It was the most colorful night of his life and the darkest night of his life because he had so much fun, he can’t remember most of it. Before that Pride experience, Jay had never attended an event where so many people lived his internal feelings of Pride, externally. Networking with some of his current peers who already worked with the Pride Houston organization provided Jay the opportunity he was waiting for to join the team. Making a difference is why he Prides!

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