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Pride Houston understands there is much concern, and that we all have a responsibility to help slow the spread of  Covid-19 in our city.  Therefore, all in-person pride events for the year, including the Celebration and Parade, are cancelled. We must take the best course of action for the city we love, and the LGBTQ+ community. At this time, that means staying apart. Please stay tuned for news and updates about upcoming virtual events.

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay hopeful! We can get through anything as a community if we take care of each other now.

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Fernando Barral
Our People

Fernando Barral

Logistics Director

Fernando Barral

Fernando is a project manager for the oil and gas industry. His expertise is managing projects and budgets. His career affords him the opportunity to interact with people and companies from different areas of the world. He participated in the last three Houston Prides events and was also a former board member with the Human Rights Campaign. His goal is to bring to Pride Houston his knowledge and experience organizing events.

Fernando is bilingual which is a great asset in a city as diverse as Houston. He believes being able to achieve successful execution begins with effective training where all participants know their roles and responsibilities and how concerns are communicated. His role is to ensure that everyone, from people to companies understand the general objectives, responsibilities and expectations.

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