PRESS RELEASE: Distribution Guidelines for the 2013 Houston LGBT Pride Celebration

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Pride Houston Provides Clarification Regarding Distribution Guidelines for the 2013 Houston LGBT Pride Celebration.

HOUSTON (June 17, 2013) ”” Pride Houston has been made aware of the confusion regarding contraceptives in the Houston LGBT Pride Parade. These concerns were first voiced during the general meeting held on Tuesday, June 4, 2013. As a point of clarity, to not allow throwing of contraceptives such as condoms or dental dams, has been a long standing guideline for the parade for over a decade; a guideline that has until now, not been a point of controversy.

Part of the mission of Pride Houston is not just to celebrate who we are as a community, it is also to educate. Pride recognizes that it plays a critical role in helping other organizations whose mission is to educate and help eliminate the spread of transmitted diseases through education and proper use of contraceptives. It is to this extent that we provide multiple avenues to help ensure that those who attend events produced by Pride Houston have the opportunity to be properly educated on the prevention of transmissible diseases that affect our community.

We limit items distributed by Parade Contingents to items that are safe to throw from moving contingents and are of tangible or educational value to ensure they do not end up on the ground as refuse.

To maximize the education factor of safer sex practices and distribution of contraceptives:

Pride Houston requires the distribution of contraceptives be tied to proper educational methods. Any organization wanting to distribute contraceptives during the parade or festival must include the contraceptive as part of a safer sex kit that includes educational messaging and or information about safer sex practices.

We are one community and must work together for a common purpose:

Like with any community, the LGBT community and its allies is a diverse group, often with differing opinions on how to address issues that affect us all. We should always remember that while our methods may vary, our goals are often the same.

The Houston LGBT Pride Celebration is an excellent opportunity to not only celebrate who are as a community, but to also ensure that we use this valuable time together to properly spread the education and messaging for all matters that affect us as a whole.

An ongoing commitment to the community:

In an effort to strengthen our partnership with the community Pride Houston hosts The Pride Perspective, open forum meetings held regularly during the off-season (August through March). The intent of these meetings is to generate positive discussions surrounding Pride Houston and the Houston LGBT Pride Celebration. We encourage the community to participate in these meetings throughout the year to provide their input so we can collectively drive the future of our community in a positive direction.

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Pride Houston, Inc. is a Texas 501(c)3 non-profit, 100% volunteer organization. Started in 1978, Pride Houston is a dedicated to celebrating the Houston LGBT Community through events and the annual Houston LGBT Pride Celebration, including the nation’s only night-time parade and day-time festival. To learn more about the organization or to volunteer please visit us at www.staging.pride-houston.flywheelsites.com.

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