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September 9  – Round is a Shape!

Dawn’s Story:

So I had “one of those” weeks.  Again.  I can completely justify myself.  First, there was Labor Day (who hasn’t used the “it’s a holiday” excuse?)  Then, it was my air conditioning which went out.  I had to take care of that (couldn’t hit the gym when I had to drive all over and/or wait for my house to be under 100 degrees.)  Lastly, it was my mother’s health and the scheduled surgery that was rescheduled and then postponed until further notice (while I love my mother, the ensuing drama was wearing.)  Long story short, I was lucky all that happened was I maintained my weight.  A reexamination of the posted picture reminds me I can’t keep taking weeks off just because they are rough.  I find if I have a rough start to a week I tend to not do well.  It would be better for me in the long run if I had a little chutzpah or pulled up my big-girl panties rather than buried myself in food that tastes awesome, but will kill me.  Decisions, decisions.

Starting weight: 161 Starting BMI: 28.5

Current weight: 155 Current BMI: 27.5

Dawn Adkins has her PhD in Health & Organizational Communication. She has written several published articles on health issues as well as designed health-oriented campaigns. Any constructive comments regarding this article should be addressed to: dadkins@pridehouston.org


Anna’s Story:

On days like today, I wonder what the hell I’m doing trying to lose weight.  I had softball practice today, so I left church early.   Our Lady of the Mattress still had a couple of hours to go and it was a great sermon.  When I started warming up, my ankle – even with a brace – let me know it was there.  I couldn’t even get “active enough” to break a sweat.  This brought to mind a 7th grade student of mine from a few years ago.  After running 15 minutes of football drills, he asked for a break.  I told him I needed to get him into shape.  He looked me in the eye and stated, “I am in shape, Coach.  Round is a shape.”  This kid had so much heart!  He played hard, never quit AND over the next two years began to develop a new shape.  I think about how easy it would be for me to quit trying to stay fit and eat well.  I guess I could become round and not stress my knees, ankle, back, or throwing arm any more.  I would sure enjoy dinner – eating what I want rather than what I should be.  Oh, wait a second!  Now I remember why I keep doing this to myself!  I have A LOT diabetics on both sides of my family tree.  If this tree was ever shaken, prosthetic legs would rain down.  Now in reality, while that may be wickedly funny, it is true!  By having this knowledge, if I allow myself to be okay with being overweight/obese and I become a diabetic, I can only blame the person in the mirror.  When my knees, ankle, and back are hurting so much that I can’t function without assistance, I can only blame myself.  When body parts start getting lopped off, the onus will be on me.  While I am still far from being able to work out the way I want, I am still doing my best.

Starting Weight:  169

Present Weight:  171

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