Lighter Side of Pride – Part 8

**Anna will be back.  She is in the midst of her second round of nursing school testing**

October 24, 2012

Dawn’s Story –

So, this past weekend I had a “fat girl moment,” albeit a good one.  If you’re a fat girl who has ever lost more than 10 pounds, you’ll get this:  I got on my scale & saw that I had lost another 3 pounds, bringing me back to 152 & a total 8 pound weight loss in 2 weeks.  I admit I did a little dance in my bathroom.  Then it occurred to me: I wonder if my pants fit.  Usually I wait until I hit a weight ending with -0 or -5 before I do the “try on formerly tight clothes” thing.  Instead, I did it.  I went to a closet & put on a pair of jeans.  Low and behold, they fit.  Long story short, the next 20 minutes was spent trying on pants & either doing a dance or pout when they did/did not fit.  I have 3 more pairs of jeans, 2 more pairs of work pants, & 4 pairs of cords that I couldn’t wear last week. 

Not all “fat girl moments” are bad!

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