Lighter Side of Pride – Part 7

Reality Check

**Anna is swamped by school & by exams.  She will return in the next week or two.**

October 15, 2012

Dawn’s Story-

I think I got it.  I think I finally got it.  Yesterday at the softball field I was talking with one of my teammates, and yeah, he’s thin.  We were discussing relationship weight & other people’s struggle when it hit me: he’s not “that” gay guy.  You know, the bitchy guy who enjoys the suffering of others.  Instead, he was genuinely happy for the person we were discussing who had lost weight.  I realized I have inadvertently surrounded myself with supportive people who genuinely want me to do well.  Couple this with my first realization of the week and I feel like I’m back on track.

Last weekend Anna & I were discussing my irritation with my gym.  I originally bought a membership to a gym less than a mile from my home.  Last year they closed it & then sold the remaining gyms to a group that, well, doesn’t have the same life perspective as I do.  Gone were the trainers, blaring was hiphop.  Gone was ESPN, hello a gym that doesn’t pay it’s cable bill.  I hated it & I hated going as it added 40-80 minutes onto my day, depending on traffic.  This equated to my not getting & staying on track.  After discussing it, Anna took me to look at another gym.  Long story short, I joined as there is a location 1.5 miles from my home rather than 7 like my old gym.  I like it & have gone all week.  Actually, I’m looking forward to going today as well.

I finally got it.  You need supportive people to kick you in the tush & to help you out.  Also, weight loss has to be easy.  If you make it difficult for yourself, you won’t do it!

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