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Lighter Side of Pride – How do you eat an elephant?
Anna at 169 lbs & Dawn at 161 lbs









Anna’s Story:

3 September 2012

Wow!  A lot has happened in the week since I agreed to participate in this column with Dawn.  I have started on a 2 year BS nursing program.  In order to do that, I had to resign from my teaching job of 19 years.  In a nutshell, READJUSTMENT!!!  I do not do well with drastic changes.  In fact, let me just put this out in the open: “Ahem, hi my name is Anna and I am a stress eater.”  While this may not sound odd or significant, for me it is.  At my heaviest, I tipped the scales at 197 and wearing 40 x 30 jeans.  For me personally, I look at the women in my family and they are all in shape -orange, pear, and apple.  Hell, it’s like a Fruit of the Loom reunion.  I realize genetics plays a part in it, but my attitude has always been that I have earned the body I am in.  That being said, in January of this year, I began working out and eating correctly and dropped 35 pounds.  I wish I could say things have been merrily going along, but Murphy bitch slapped me and I blew out my ankle the first week of June.  I still cannot jog.  I can keep making excuses about putting 10 pounds back on but why.  Fact is I own it.  Fact is I have to find a way to overcome my own shortcomings.  This is the equation that is currently over running my life: 

READJUSTMENT = stress + food + studying + snacking + lack of gym time + being gimpy = FAT/WEIGHT GAIN.

 Grrrr…it’s a vicious cycle.  I am proud of Dawn, even a bit jealous, because she has stuck to her routine.  I need to find mine.  The good news, the first week back in school is over.  The bad news, I weigh 173 pounds now and can blame no one but myself.

Starting Weight:  169 lbs.

Present Weight:  173 lbs.

Dawn’s Story:

I am fairly happy with how my week went, and yet I am so not happy.  The ”˜happy’ part comes in that I started and stuck to my routine.  That’s usually the hardest part for me.  I get all pumped up and bouncy and ready to go and 2-3 days later I am sooooo over it.  Well, not this time.  One week down! 

The ”˜not so happy’ part comes in the reality of where I have to go.  I feel incredibly overwhelmed about what I want to do.  Granted, I am not at my heaviest, but not far from it.  It takes so long to get weight off.  Hey, I worked out a whole week and I should be skinny now!  Instead I can’t even feel a difference in my pants.  *sigh*  The scale says there’s a little less on my frame and I choose to believe it.  I suppose I shouldn’t complain, but it’s hard not to when you feel like a big blob.  After watching an episode of “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition” I found some inspiration.  The guy lost 236 pounds in a year!  One whole year.  236 pounds.  Why, exactly, am I overwhelmed by 41?  I want that guy’s fortitude!  It was amazing to watch him go.  He just took his journey step by step.  His story reminded me of one of my friend’s sayings: “How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.”  As a result, I have decided my new goal is 150.  My goal this week was 155, which I hit.  Once I hit 150 I’ll reassess and decide if I want to go on. 

Starting weight: 161 Starting BMI: 28.5

Current weight: 155  Current BMI: 27.5

Dawn Adkins has her PhD in Health & Organizational Communication. She has written several published articles on health issues as well as designed health-oriented campaigns. Any constructive comments regarding this article should be addressed to: dadkins@pridehouston.org

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