Lighter Side of Pride – Part 2

*Author’s note: Due to our planning wonderful events for Pride, we got behind on the posting of articles. This has been remedied and articles will be posted over the next few days until caught up. Beginning next Sunday one will be posted every Sundays until the parade.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to do this. I woke up Monday, already in a foul mood, and upon realizing I would be making lifestyle adjustments my mood worsened that much more. By Tuesday, the only thing that made me go to the gym was this column, no one wants to admit they could only last one day. I wanted to go home, take a nap, and eat junk, instead I went to the gym and ate healthy. What you need to understand is the body fights against life-style adjustments. For me, it’s usually through headaches and fatigue, both of which I had in spades Tuesday through Thursday. Friday I received some extremely unpleasant news and I did what any good emotional eater does: skipped the gym and ate a bunch of junk. Saturday morning found me in my bathroom standing on my scale cussing as I realized the number hadn’t changed at all, still ending with 8. Then I looked closer. I had lost 10 pounds. Ten pounds in one week. I don’t know how and to be honest, I still wasn’t into this process, though pleased with the scale.

Today we had our first games of the softball season. I was feeling nervous and my left shin was twitchy from a strain last weekend. Additionally, I had made some mistakes during warm-up and was down on myself. I told my coach my leg was twitchy and asked to sit out. He looked me in the eye and said, “no. You need to play.” I questioned that and again he said, “you need to play.” I repaid that confidence by striking out. Going out to the outfield it occurred to me his word choice. Need. Too many times when it comes to things of the body I get down on myself way too soon and quit. That was the first time a coach did not give me the safe way out by pulling me from a game. I ended up smacking the ball at my next two at-bats and I am grateful my coach didn’t let me out of the game. Had he done so, I would have beaten myself up that much more and never gotten a chance gain a little confidence. I’m taking this realization into next week. The only way for me to make a permanent change is to not quit on myself, something I do far too often.

Current Weight: 148

Current Weight Loss: 10

Current BMI: 26.2


Dawn Adkins has her PhD in Health & Organizational Communication. She has written several published articles on health issues as well as designed health-oriented campaigns. Any constructive comments regarding this article should be addressed to: dadkins@pridehouston.org

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