Journey to Health: Part 1

Author: Dr. Dawn Adkins

OK, I admit it, I consider myself to be a bit overweight. No, I’m not obese, not yet.  No, I’m not at my heaviest, not yet. I am, however, overweight. Not by much, but still enough. If I don”˜t make some changes, the previous statements will no longer be true.  Additionally, I’m 41; way too young to be rockin’ a muumuu! My weight has effected me in several ways, though I’ll start with two.  1) I have a closet full of clothes I love, but can’t get into.  2) I play softball for the Pride-sponsored MSL team “the Vamps.” I can tell in my playing that carrying around the equivalent of a toddler is a bad choice for my performance.

So what? you may be asking. My New Year’s Resolution was to change that, and I did start off strong.  Life happened and, well, I blew it. Again, so what you ask. After taking my Spring Break to clean & reorganize my home I’ve decided to do the same with the body I am in. I’m reenergizing my New Year’s Resolution and am challenging myself for Pride, 14 weeks from now. I am going on a weight-loss journey, and will be writing about my experiences, how the process affects me, and what I am feeling. No pictures.  No embarrassing weigh-ins with my belly hanging out for all to see. No personal trainer.  No personal chef. This is me doing this on my own with my real job and my real life getting in the way. I have a gym membership that I pay for, though the one nearest my home closed last week meaning I will now have of go out of my way to work-out. I am doing this of my own free will and Pride Houston is not providing any type of incentive.

Will I be successful? Yes. Will I have obstacles? Probably. Will I stop this column? No.  You get it all, even if I quit and gain all my weight back. So now here is where I provide my current stats as of March 2012 which I will be updating weekly.

Sex: Female

Height: 5’3”

Current Weight: 158

Current BMI: 28

Follow me as I go through the rises and falls of this challenge I have set for myself. Also, share any valid comments, suggestions and health tips you may have from your similar experiences. We can all do this together.

 Dawn Adkins has her PhD in Health & Organizational Communication.  She has written several published articles on health issues as well as designed health-oriented campaigns.  Any constructive comments regarding this article should be addressed to:dadkins@pridehouston.org

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