We need a great theme for Pride 2020! Past years have included Houston Proud (2016), Embrace Diversity (2001), and of course we took it back to the Summer of ’69 in 2019.  What will the next theme be? That could be up to you!

Be sure to review past Celebration themes before suggesting.

Theme Suggestions 2020

Please fill out the form below. While only a theme suggestion is required for submission, we strongly recommend answering each question about your suggestion. This allows us the best opportunity to understand your theme, it's scope, and whether it should be chosen for a final public vote.
  • Please provide a singular theme, review past years' themes for ideas and to ensure your theme has not been chosen before. Most importantly, be creative!
  • We recommend providing information on the cultural, historical, or social reasoning for your theme. Talk about why it would resonate with LGBT+ Houstonians, Texans, and others.
  • Is your theme a play on words? Does it require specific visuals to be brought to life? Does it lend itself well to the many events of Pride week? Are you so excited that you have 100 ideas and need a space to talk about them? Use this space for that.



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