Grand Marshal Nomination Process

Pride Houston invites the community to nominate candidates to serve as Grand Marshals for the 2019 Houston LGBT Pride Celebration. Following a period of nominations, Pride Houston will announce the candidates in each category (Male Identifying, Female Identifying, Gender Non-Binary, Ally) in late January. Following this announcement, the Houston community will be able to vote for their preferred nominee. Those with the highest votes in each category will be announced as Grand Marshals in April.

Categories, Qualifications, Responsibilities and more information can be found at Grand Marshal FAQ.

special announcement on Grand Marshal categories

Pride Houston has started the conversation of moving away from gender-related Grand Marshal categories. The 2019 Houston LGBT Pride Celebration will maintain its traditional categories with the addition of a ‘Gender Non-Binary’ category. However, Pride Houston has decided that open and public dialogue must occur to review these categories and to create consensus among the greater community. As mentioned in the statement for the passing of Ray Hill, Pride Houston will begin hosting an annual Town Hall where we hope to engage in dialogue with the community about topics of concern that impact the organization and the community at large. The first of these Town Halls will take place in February. There are many opinions and points of view to take into consideration before making any change and we hope that this is one big step we can all take together.

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