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NOminations are in.. NOw it’s time to vote!

It’s time to select the theme for the 2021 Houston LGBT+ Pride Celebration. The community submitted their ideas for themes, and now it’s up to you to select which one will be the theme for this year.


Theme Nomination #1: GameOver

The time is up for hate and intolerance. Houston is not playing any more games with the injustices in our community. Now is the time to value our self-worth, identity, spirituality, and culture. While embracing all, we will stand Proud and Say with CONFIDENCE, Game Over. The time is NOW to make sure EVERY human is treated with the same respect and dignity. Don your floats, attire and celebrations to illustrate the LOVE HAS WON OVER ALL! From displays of board games to video games. From sport competitions to the ballots cast at the voting booth. Let your imagination run wild. Game of thrones, Uno, Dice, Super Mario, Chess, Checkers, the list goes on and on… the creativity is endless.

Theme Nomination #2: UnBound

Pride Unbound manifests our hope for progress, celebrates our healing nation, and honors all among us and before us who have dared to live and speak their truth. We will live spontaneously without fear or restraint.  We are UNBOUD and PROUD of who we are. Decorate to show we are breaking free, breaking chains, crushing barriers, cracking glass ceilings, climbing to new heights, and standing among the Giants in our TRUE power. Let your “FREAK FLAG FLY”. Let your parade floats show bright lights, mountains being dominated, obstacles conquered or POWERFUL GODs.  Let your attire symbolize freedom. Free the boobs from the bra if you have too! You only live once. Wild, free spirits dawning the light of a brand new day.

Theme Nomination #3: DiverCity: Together We Rise!

Houston is like a rising phoenix.  We have gone through so many adversities, only to emerge stronger and evolve for the better.  We are a multicultural melting pot whose heart has One Beat and One Sound where all identities matter. We are all striving for TOTAL EQUITY and EQUALITY.  DiverCity: Together we rise is a tribute to the past 2020 Celebration we didn’t have and the future blockbuster Celebration we will have for 2021. With this theme, decorate your parties and floats to showcase  our diversity, our resilience as we continue to excel above all or our evolution through the times -> from past to present, through all art forms, all the different cultures because TOGETHER WE RISE.

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