Celebration Themes
1979“United We Stand”
1980“Proud to Be”
1981“We the People”
1982“A Part Of, Not Apart From”
1983“Unity through Diversity”
1984“Unity and More in ’84”³
1985“Alive with Pride”
1986“Liberty Is In Our Grasp”
1987“Come Out and Celebrate Pride”
1988“Rightfully Proud”
1989“Stonewall 20”³
1990“Look to the Future”
1991“Take Pride”
1992“Pride = Power”
1993“Out & Proud”
1994“HouStoneWall 25”³
1995“Silence to Celebration”
1996“Pride Knows No Borders”
1997“Glowing with Pride”
1998“Unified, Diversified, Electrified”
1999“Pride, Power & Pizzazz”
2000“Take Pride, Take Joy, Take Action”
2001“Embrace Diversity”
2002“Pride Worldwide”
2003“Silver Celebration”
2004“Pride As Big As Texas”
2005“Equal Rights! No More! No Less!
2006“Say It Out Loud!”
2007“Lone Star Pride”
2008“We are Family”
2009“Out 4 Justice”
2010“Pride NOT Prejudice”
2011“Live. Love. Be.”
2012“Live out Proud”
2013“Pride Unleashed”
2016“Houston Proud”
2018“#Pride40 (40 Years of Pride)”
2019“Summer of ’69”

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