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Lighter Side of Pride, Part 3

*Author’s note: Due to our planning wonderful events for Pride, we got behind on the posting of articles. This has been remedied and articles will be posted over the next few days until caught up. Beginning next Sunday one will be posted every Sundays until the parade.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

While week one of my usual weight loss process feels like mere survival, week two is when small payoffs begin to come. Generally the changes my body undergoes fascinates me. Usually I begin to recover energy, which I definitely have more of than last week. I’m starting to see muscle definition in, of all places, my forearms. Additionally, I am able to wear pants I haven’t been able to in awhile. (It’s totally awesome to have some extra possibilities in my work wardrobe. =-}) Finally, my rings and watches are looser. This is odd to me as I have thin fingers and wrists to begin with, yet those are the first places I lose weight. I don’t get it at all, but it is what it is I suppose.

Weight loss can be hard as it is usually so gradual you don’t see it in your own body. I have lost weight before and never seen it in myself. Based on the fit of my clothes and the number on the scale I know there has been a significant change, but seeing it in myself is very hard. This week I tried to be more observant. My collar bones are starting to peek out a bit and the upper part of my stomach area is a little flatter. Instead of a keg, I’m down to a mini-keg. Oh, and my breasts are smaller; the third place weight leaves my body, behind my fingers and wrists. That is the one drawback as mine aren’t that big to begin with. I plan on focusing on the small changes and triumphs. Hopefully, that will be a difference for me this time.

Current Weight: 145

Current Weight Loss: 13

Current BMI: 25.7

Dawn Adkins has her PhD in Health & Organizational Communication. She has written several published articles on health issues as well as designed health-oriented campaigns. Any constructive comments regarding this article should be addressed to: dadkins@pridehouston.org

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