Access to Festival & Parade

It is imperative that Pride Houston, as an organization, continue to strive towards being open, accessible and inclusive to all.  This year, we are working to ensure that we provide entrances and access to all our guests of different abilities.

Festival Access

The TMobile entrance is wheelchair accessible, this entrance is on the left hand side at City Hall, facing the stage.


Entrances for the parade will be directly in front of the VIP grand stands.

ASL Interpreters

Pride Houston will offer ASL interpreters for the 2019 Houston LGBT Pride Celebration. This is our fourth year to provide this service, and we are always open to suggestions on how to improve accessibility for our hearing impaired guests.

ASL Interpreters at the Festival

ASL Interpreters will be broadcast on video monitors throughout the festival.

ASL Interpreters at the Parade

For the parade, ASL Interpreters will be on the left, facing the VIP Grand Stands.



Accessible Travel to Festival & Parade from METROLift

METROLift has finalized plans to make a designated stop for the Pride Festival and Parade at 800 Bagby St @ Walker St. METROLift staff will be at the booth and they will also have Street Supervisors on hand to provide assistance.

Please note that Pride Houston has more entrances into the Festival this year and that the wheelchair accessible entrance is located on McKinney Street between City Hall and the Downtown Central Library.

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