Team Responsibilities

As a member of the Pride Houston team you are in a unique position to influence the direction and path of the initiatives the organization undertakes.  We invite you to have a seat at the table where every voice is valuable.  We need you.  Pride Houston currently has one of the most diverse boards in its history and we are looking to be even more inclusive. There are several opportunities to participate: Board of Directors, Production Team, Committee Chair or Production Team Committee Member. From special events to community outreach,  Pride Houston Celebration and much more, there is a place for everyone to make a difference!

Board of Directors Responsibilities:

  •       Attending monthly meetings
  •       Establishing programs that implement our mission and duty
  •       Serving on committees
  •       Guiding our Production Team committee chairs
  •       Complying with Director reporting requirements
  •       Making a significant time commitment to the affairs of the organization
  •       Maintaining integrity
  •       Providing continuity for the organization
  •       Making sound financial decisions in the best interest of the organization
  •       Raising money on behalf of the organization
  •       Passing a background check


Production Team Chair Responsibilities:

  •       Reporting to the Board of Directors
  •       Complying with Chair reporting requirements
  •       Attending monthly Production Team, “all-hands” meetings
  •       Conducting and leading monthly meetings for your committee
  •       Establishing members of your committees
  •       Creating a plan to achieve the goals of the committee as set forth by the Board of Directors
  •       Ensuring the objectives of your committee are met
  •       Making a significant time commitment to the affairs of the organization
  •       Attending workshops, retreats and training sessions
  •       Maintaining integrity
  •       Passing a background check


Production Team Member Responsibilities:

  •       Reporting to your Committee Chair
  •       Working as part of the Committee and staff team to ensure work and recommendations are in line with Pride Houston mission and goals
  •       Supporting the efforts of the committee chair and carry out individual assignments made by the chair
  •       Attending monthly meetings for the committees on which you serve and voice objective opinions on issues
  •       Ensuring assigned tasks are completed by deadline

·       Making a significant time commitment to the affairs of the organization

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