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Junior Board


Calling all 18-22 year olds who want to make a difference in the LGBTQIA+ Community!!

We are now accepting applications through May 14, 2021 for our very first Junior Board. This is your chance to develop your voice as a leader and deliver a fresh perspective on LGBTQ+ issues, grow advocacy skills and meet other young people who have shared experiences. You’ll get the unique opportunity to work alongside Pride Houston Board Members, coordinate successful youth pride events in alignment with the Pride Houston Celebration and More!! Your voice matters… USE IT!


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The mission of Pride Houston’s Junior Board is to serve as a catalyst in the LGBTQ+ community by commemorating our heritage,
celebrating our culture, striving for equality, and educating the public on issues important to the LGBTQ+ community. Members
make a difference by:

  • Celebrating our differences and reducing the stigma associated with sexual orientation and gender diverse communities
  • Educating the public on the issues that youth within the LGBTQ+ community face
  • Influencing policy and change for equal rights
  • Providing peer support
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Volunteering in the communities Pride Houston serves
  • Raising funds for charitable causes


  • To develop a group of young leaders who will serve as advocates for Pride Houston and the LGBTQ+ Community
  • To give young professionals looking for engagement the opportunity to become involved in their civic community
  • To help young professionals create a network of other like-minded or like-guided persons
  • To help young professionals find a professional mentor from the current Pride Houston Board
  • To expand the services of Pride Houston to include a program of professional development for future community leaders


Junior Board members will develop their own motto. They will meet monthly at the Montrose Center in the Pride Houston office or alternatively via Zoom should extenuating circumstances arise.
For members, the Board is an opportunity to develop their voice as leaders, deliver a youth perspective on LGBTQ+ issues, grow advocacy skills and meet other young people who have shared experiences. Example activities this group can choose to coordinate and participate in are:

  • Creating a video about stigma that airs at various workshops and events, and placed on Pride Houston’s social media
  • Presenting and speaking at Pride Houston and other community conferences, workshops, events, and public
    speaking opportunities including the Pride Houston Rights are Human Conference
  • Participating in discussion panels on LGBTQ+ topics at High School GSA’s
  • Hosting resource tables at events related to diversity and inclusion
  • Volunteering at Pride Houston and other community events year-round to raise awareness
  • Maintaining and updating the Pride Houston web and social media pages with latest Junior Board information and

Junior Board Guidelines

Participation: 5-9 members ages 18 to 22 of all diverse backgrounds

Commitment: Board Officers and Members shall serve a term of 2 yrs. Board Officers can only serve a maximum of two terms in a given position.

Scheduling: The Board will meet once a month and are expected to attend all planned and scheduled Junior Board special events, unless excused. The Board is expected to plan and execute a minimum of 1 special event and 1 fundraising activity each fiscal year. The Board is also expected to assist the Senior Board with Pride Month (June) activities. Each Fiscal Year shall be September 1st through August 31st.

Protocol: Once established, Board Members will develop their own Bylaws & Standard Operating Procedures. Robert’s Rules of Order, 12th Edition shall govern meeting proceedings.

Leadership: Leadership will consist of the following at a minimum: 1-President, 1-Secretary, 1- Treasurer, 1-Events & Fundraising Director, 1-Marketing & Communications Director

Roles: President shall preside at all meetings of the Junior Board and oversee the business affairs of the Junior Board. The President shall notify the Senior Board of any contracts that need to be authorized. The President shall appoint all Board committees or vacant positions with the advice and consent of a majority of the Junior Board. The Secretary shall keep records of the Junior Board, shall draft the meeting minutes of each Junior Board meeting, and perform all duties assigned by the President and Junior Board. The Treasurer shall prepare a monthly report accounting all financial transactions and conditions to the Junior Board, shall maintain a monthly reconciliation of the Junior Board’s budget, and track all Junior Board transactions, and perform all duties assigned by the President and Junior Board.


  • Attend all meetings unless excused
  • Submit a completed application and provide emergency contact information
  • Be available to meet once a month during the school year
  • Be willing to present at conferences and other public speaking events
  • Participate in volunteer activities related to the LGBTQ+ community at-large

Other Guidelines:

  • To ensure the safety of all participants and the Junior Board Advisor:
  • Junior Board meetings and events will be conducted in the presence of a Junior Board Advisor
  • Junior Board advisors shall be granted the discretion, if needed, to remove a Junior Board member from a meeting or event
    for any reason.
  • Pride Houston shall carry liability insurance to protect all staff and volunteers.
  • The Junior Board will develop and adhere to a Junior Board Working Agreement that is honored at each meeting. The intention of the agreement is to ensure that all members are heard equally, without bias, and are given the opportunity to
    participate. The Working Agreement is to be reviewed at the start of each board meeting.


Junior Board Guidelines Working Agreement:

  • President will inform the Board when a topic is open for discussion
  • President will recognize each speaker when the speaker raises their hand
  • President will inform the Board if the topic being discussed is part of an ongoing conversation and hands do not need to be
    raised in order to participate
  • Members should not interrupt another member when they are speaking
  • Members should respect each other’s opinions and right to speak
  • Members will try to follow the rules
  • Members can ask to review the Working Agreement at any time
  • The Working Agreement will be read and reviewed at the beginning of each board meeting


Benefits of joining the Pride Houston Junior Board

  • express their needs and expectations of the organization
  • offer a voice on issues that affect them
  • engage in meaningful activities of leadership
  • develop problem-solving skills
  • form relationships with mentors from the organization or with young people who may have a shared experience


Management and other logistics

Location: Currently meeting virtually via Zoom. Our usual in-person meeting location is the Pride Houston Office in the Montrose Center.

Meeting time: To be established by the inaugural Junior Board in conjunction with the Junior Board Advisor. The meeting schedule and best way to communicate will be decided upon (whether through email, Facebook, calls, or texting).

Food: Each in-person meeting shall include snacks and beverages provided by the Pride Houston Volunteer Committee with sensitivity to any special dietary requirements and food allergies.

Record keeping: Agendas should be prepared before each meeting and, whenever possible, distributed to members in advance. Minutes should be taken at every meeting and distributed to members and organizational staff. The Board’s facilitator should summarize key concepts from each meeting and share it with the organization’s leadership. Meeting notification with location, time, and agenda should be sent out a minimum 72 hours in advance.


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