Organizational Governance

Pride Houston® is a 100% volunteer run organization and is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization registered in the State of Texas and with the IRS. Pride Houston® currently has zero paid staff in any capacity.

Pride Houston® is operated by two (2) distinct groups:

  1. The Board of Directors ensures the organization is on track with regard to meeting its goals, create short and long term strategic plans, fundraise to support the organization, budget as needed based on goals as well as to craft policies in support of those goals.
  2. The Production Team, carries out the day-to-day tasks, plans and produces events, carries out approved plans and implements policies. These are the multiple committees (i.e., Parade, Festival, Volunteer, Special Events, etc.) and their sub-committees that plan and produce all of the organization’s events.



As most boards are focused on big-picture issues with an eye toward the future, and the Production Team is more closely focused on day-to-day operations, a liaison is necessary to serve as a communication bridge between the two groups. Therefore, one of the board’s key responsibilities is to select an executive to serve as organization president. The President assists the board in developing and then disseminating plans and policies to the organization’s Production Team, ensures the Production Committees understand and carry out planning directives and brings Production Team ideas or concerns to the board’s attention. Also, the President handles duties such as interacting with the public to promote the organization, reporting on its progress, conducting interviews and participating in fund-raising activities.


Tasked with determining and promoting the organization’s public-service goals, the Board of Directors also engages in active strategic planning to achieve those goals. To move the organization forward the board must plan for its current and future success. Since the staff must carry out the plans set forth by the board of directors, the President usually is also present at all planning meetings. Their more “ground floor” insights can be invaluable when creating organizational plans, and he can then instruct the Production Team on the implementation of any plans determined by the board.


Another purpose of the Board of Directors is to develop the organization’s policies, as well as to provide oversight and management of the organization, in conjunction with the President. Some common policies the board will need to decide on and implement include terms of service, the approval process and chains of command. Among the most important policies the board of directors for any company, organization or group must set forth is the frequency and scheduling of their meetings, followed by what the board’s degree of involvement with the organization will be. Since the board members for nonprofit organizations perform their duties on a voluntary basis, these considerations are especially important to govern and maintain the organization effectively. See the By-Laws for more information on the organization’s policies.


Financial matters are of utmost concern to a nonprofit, which primarily relies on voluntary donations to fund its efforts. The Board of Directors must determine how to budget and disperse these funds in such a manner that supports their overarching missions. Once financial proposals are approved by the board then it will be given to the Production Team to implement as planned. See Financial Information for the required documentation by the federal and state government.


Fund-raising is crucial to the survival of all nonprofit organizations, as charitable gifts are their lifeblood. Therefore, everyone serving on the board must be involved in raising monies in some fashion. There is also a financial commitment that each Board of Director makes towards the organization in it’s Give-or-Get policy. Sponsorships are also key to all nonprofit organizations as corporate dollars assist in paying for the necessary infrastructure and expenses of implementing plans and the production of its events. 

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